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Minister: Rev. Raheel Arif

Tel: 01324 819149


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Sunday 1st December: 1st Sunday of Advent Rev. Raheel Arif will be preached in by Rev.Alison Meikle and will include the Sunday Club - 9.45 am

Sunday 8th December: 2nd Sunday of Advent - Gift Service with gifts going to Denny Social Work Department as usual.and will include the Sunday Club - 9.45 am

Sunday 15th December:  3rd Sunday of Advent - Family Service including the Sunday Club - 9.45 am

Friday 20th December: Bankier School Service (weather permitting) - 9.30 am

Sunday 22nd  December:  Morning  Service and will include the Sunday Club - 9.45 am

Tuesday 24th December: Watchnight Service 11.30p.m.
(Refreshments from 10.30p.m.in MacLean Hall)

Wednesday 25th December: Christmas Day 10 a.m. at Denny Old Parish Church

Sunday 29th December: End of Year Service - and will include the Sunday Club - 9.45 am


It is with very mixed feelings that I pen this article. I rejoice with yourselves and Denny Old that, after a period of years, you are now calling your new Minister, Raheel Arif. I have said to Raheel that he will find his first congregation(s) to be very warm and welcoming. I cannot ask more of you than that you make Raheel and his family as welcome as you have made Pat and myself. I rejoice too that I see the congregation ready and willing to go forward supporting Raheel as he begins his ministry in a challenging time for the wider Church.

 But there is another side to that coin and it is saying goodbye to very warm people who have made Pat and myself feel that we are “family” and that is a sadness for us but it is tempered by the feeling that we still remain as part of your wider family! Over almost two years, I can honestly say that I have seen a spirit of hope: together we have travelled a journey, sometimes tinged with sadness and with challenge but a journey where we have been striving to move forward and now a new chapter opens in the life of the congregation.  We all continue on the journey and I leave you with the closing words of Footprints reminding us all that Jesus walks the journey with us: “The Lord replied, ‘The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child is when I have carried you.”

Please be as kind and caring to Raheel as you have been to me – a first congregation is always special to a minister!  I wish you every blessing on the journey ahead.

As Pat and I won’t be with you at Christmas, we take the opportunity in advance to wish each and every one of you the joy and promise that comes as we rememberand celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ Child.
Your friend and departing (locum) minister,

Blythswood Shoe boxes appeal.
Thank you all for the generous donation of 45 boxes from Haggs Church.  
These boxes may be all that a child or adult gets for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and thanks.
Moira Martin

CrossReach Christmas Angel Appeal/Lunch

A big THANK YOU on behalf of CrossReach Guardian Angel/150th Anniversary Appeal. 
They were delighted to receive the magnificent sum of £550.

Well done Haggs Church members  -  Maisie Mortimer

Below a selection of pictures displaying our tribute
to the men and women involved in WW1 and WW2




Prayer Tree
Prayer Tree


Our Prayer Tree is positioned in the vestibule at the entrance to the church.

Requests for prayers can be written on the labels provided, then hung on a branch,
these will be forwarded to our locum minister to be included in future services.

Hearts can also be placed on the tree in memory of loved ones.


Just before Christmas two large boxes and numerous bags of beautiful knitted and crocheted jumpers, hats and blankets were passed to the charity for distribution by the Orphan Care programme in Livingstonia, Malawi. Word was received early in January that everything had been taken to Dundee for loading into the next container going to Africa.

So thank you for all your efforts, please keep up the good work and keep those fingers active! We will collect in the finished work twice a year in the future – at the end of June and December.

So.......keep knitting!!

Haggs Parish Church – Charities Supported 2018
Thank you all for being so generous & helping your neighbours                                                                            

Bible Scotland                                            £  63.15

Blythswood Trust                                       Shoe Boxes

Knitting for Malawi                                    Hats, Jumpers & Blankets

WMN (Build a House)                                £1450.41

Christian Aid                                               £2520.00

Falkirk Food Bank                                      Food

MacMillan Cancer Care                             £  600.00

Poppy Scotland                                         £   69.65

Souper Sunday  (HIV Project)                   £  215.40

Vine Trust                                                  £  437.00

Strathcarron Hospice                                 £ 725.00

UNICEF (Jar of Grace)                                 £215.00

                                       Total   £6295.61


A Message from your Treasurer


On behalf of the Congregational Board may I thank you for your continued support to Haggs Parish Church. During the current vacancy it is important that we keep our finances in order and we need you to allow us to do this. Can I just remind you of the different ways in which you can make your offering?

By Weekly Freewill Offering envelopes. Please see the Treasurer Marion Campbell if you wish to have envelopes or ask your elder.

If you pay Income Tax please Gift Aid your offering – this allows Haggs Church to claim back the tax which you have already paid (approx. 20% more – at no extra cost to you). Please see Murray McCheyne or Marion Campbell for a form to complete (this does not tie you to a fixed amount or a fixed term but allows the Church to claim back tax on however much you give) or again ask your elder. On average over the last few years we have recovered between £5000.00 and £6000.00 per year from Gift Aid. Without this money would not have been able to pay all our bills…………..so please – the more we can claim in Gift Aid the more money we can get back.

Either of the above methods can be made by Standing Order directly from your bank account to the Church’s bank account. Saves the number of WFO envelopes we have to buy and saves you remembering to make up the Sundays you have missed for whatever reason. It is really important to Haggs Church that you do make up the weeks you have not managed to get to Church so that we have a more accurate assessment of what monies are coming in to be able to budget for the expenditure.

We are most grateful for your generosity to all the charities we support – for a small congregation you do give very willingly to others – so thank you.

Thanks for all your loyalty and support and PLEASE ………don’t change!